I’m a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend.  I’m a foodie, a drinker of fine wines, a lover of eclectic music.  I’m a singer, a cook, a gardener.  I dabble in photography, calligraphy, couture sewing, graphic design.

I am many, many things – but first and foremost, I am a reader.

I don’t remember not being able to read.  My parents tell me I taught myself to read around the time I was in kindergarten.  I do remember being in first grade, reading my way steadily through the big box of little tiny paperback books that we were given as reading assignments, and feeling like crying because I had finished them all in just a few months, and NOW what was I going to do??  Library was my favorite part of the school day.  Then later, SSR (sustained silent reading).

A confession – I can be a bit of a gourmand, rather than a gourmet, when it comes to reading.  I’m actually a little bit – ummm – addicted.  I need my fix.  Even if it’s the back of a cereal box, or a trashy romance novel or some stupid flyer that came in the mail for something I don’t need and have absolutely no interest in.  I…NEED…TO…READ.

What you will NOT necessarily find on this blog are book club type reviews of books.  It will be more like – a reading diary.  What I’m reading right now and what I’m thinking about what I’m reading, and how it ties in with other things going on in my life.  I am not much of a linear reader.  I sometimes get bored with a book, and then I put it down and pick up another one.  I sometimes have three, or four, or MORE, books going at the same time.  Sometimes I go so long without finishing a book, I have to backtrack, or even start over from the beginning.  That’s okay.  Reading the same book on a different day is a different experience.  Like Heraclitus’ river.

Another confession – I have Swiss cheese for memory.  This works for me.  I can – and do –  re-read the same book multiple times, and not remember the plot.  Oh, I remember the characters and certain scenes, and a general sense of whether it was a happy or sad ending (sometimes), but I can be surprised all over again by what actually happens.  So I love revisiting books I’ve already read.  And I always get more out of a book on subsequent readings.

One more thing.  My reading taste is eclectic, to say the least.  At the moment, I’m reading a cookbook, a zombie apocalypse story, a non-fiction treatise on why things go viral, and a novel about a woman pre-emptively grieving for the death of her son in the Israeli armed forces.  Enjoying them all.

So.  That’s me.  Gotta go – I was in the middle of reading something.

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